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In line with the Government’s Policy to create a culture of Business Rescue where companies are placed under temporary supervision to develop a Plan to rescue a company by restructuring its affairs, the firm has established a Business Rescue division. Pierre Berrangé and Eugene Nel are registered with CIPC as conditionally licensed Senior and Experienced business rescue practitioners respectively.

With the assistance of the powerful Business Rescue Provisions of the Companies Act we believe that we can add tremendous value to a struggling business which requires supervision to achieve a turnaround.

Business Rescue requires expertise in both the legal and accounting fields. Although a legal firm, we have immediate access to a number of charter ed accountants and financial experts to assist with the process.

The expertise gained in trading businesses during the liquidation process has proven invaluable in implementing the Business Rescue procedure and achieving turnarounds for failing businesses. Our skills enable us to assist financially distressed companies to find the best solutions, whatever the situation.

The firm's recent assignments include a wide range of industries, including (but not limited to) :


  • Property Development;
  • Agriculture;
  • Construction;
  • Engineering;
  • Coatings / paint







Meet the team :



Qualifications Work Experience
Pierre Berrangé

Senior Business Rescue Practitioner

Qualified Attorney

Director - Berrange Incorporated

Eugene Nel

Experienced Business Rescue Practitioner

Qualified Attorney

Director - Berrange Incorporated
Alis on Mary Davies

B.Comm, Higher Diploma in Tax;

Advanced Business Rescue Course

Alison's commercial background, coupled with her thorough

knowledge of tax structures has proved invaluable in guiding companies

through the business rescue process and effecting corporate turnarounds

Elize Theunissen

BA (Hons); LLB

Advanced Business Rescue Course

Elize, through her wide experience in law and commerce, has become a valuable

contribution to legal and commercial decisions to be taken to ensure

that Companies are successfully turned around.