Pierre has a BProc degree and was admitted as an attorney in 1985. He initially pursued a legal career in litigation and commercial law. Thereafter he focused on insolvencies and liquidations.

Since 1991 Pierre has practiced as a liquidator. His experience includes the winding up of a diverse variety of companies many of which were listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. He also has experience in insolvency related matters on a global basis having successfully recover ed funds and assets in the United States of America, Canada, Malaysia and Germany.

Since the proclamation of the Business Rescue process in 2010, has accepted appointments as a Senior Business Rescue Practitioner where he has raised Post-Commencement Finance, and either restructured the business, introduced investors or achieved a better return for the Company's creditors, than would a liquidation.

Pierre is a member of SARIPA (the umbrella body for AIPSA and AABIP), and formally acted as Chairman for the Kwazulu-Natal region.

Ian was admitt ed as an attorney in 2005 and has right of appearance in the High Court. His main focus over the last 14 years has been litigation both in the civil and criminal arenas but specifically in the areas of high court commer cial and insolvency related litigation, personal injury claims and administrative law.

Eugene has a B.Com and LLB degree and was admitt ed as an Attorney in 2005. Since 1998 he has been involved exclusively in insolvencies and liquidations and has a wealth of experience.

Eugene is a member of SARIPA and was a former Chairman of AIPSA for the KwaZulu-Natal Region.

With his commercial background he has a sound understanding of business in general and has been involved in a diverse range of insolvencies.

Eugene is a condit ionally licensed Experienced Business Rescue Practitioner.


Carin has both a B.Proc (UOVS) and LL.B (UNISA) degree.  

Carin was admitted as an Attorney in August 1999 and as a Conveyancer in January 2000.  She lectured at the South African Schools for Paralegal Studies in Property Law & Conveyancing and Business Law (Tax Law & Labour Relations) earlier in her career.  She has been practicing as a Conveyancer in Pietermaritzburg since her admission and has many years of experience in all aspects of conveyancing and property related matters.



Mauritz has a BA (Law) and an LLB degree. He is a qualified Attorney, Conveyancer, Notary, Appraiser and Estate Agent.

Mauritz worked, in private practice (as an attorney, notary and conveyancer), for 35 years.

Mauritz acts as a consultant to the firm, as a Conveyancer and Notary in our firm , bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Marcel holds a BComm and an LLB degree. He is a Professional Assistant with the firm. He has 10 years experience in insolvencies and liquidations, and has focused his career on dealing with all aspects of the administration process involved in i nsolvencies and liquidations. He is a member of the Master’s National Panel of Liquidators.